Tuesday, 26 August 2014


After my 1st year was over ,sitting in home i was bored so thought of creating a digital watch.I knew  how to do that but then thought of adding a temp and humidity sensor to it.So I ordered the DHT11 sensor from ventor shop it cost around rs 150 and easy to be interfaced with arduino. U can get it here :http://www.ventor.co.in/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=34_35&products_id=289&zenid=bd061a102228031d261191443ebd94b5 . I have written a small arduino program to interface it with arduino that to simply read the temp and humidity values and display it an serial monitor.

But now one day i noticed while standing on my bed that while the ac was working but still there was a significant temperature gradient moving from ground to roof.I mean the more up the more hotter i.e natural cold air is more heavier,but then what temp u set in ac u feel much cooler than that.And here was the idea for my brothers IRIS project which he has been telling me for long time.He is now in class 6 and I know getting ideas to be selected in national level is tough ,so i used to ignore that.But this idea seemed to be promising until i discovered the  inner working of (I FEEL technology in BLUE STAR,FOLLOW ME in panasonic etc) has already incorporated the idea into their models.the idea was simple its placing a sensor in the remote of the ac so that it knows what temperature we are actually feeling .

 Mean while to really justify this I needed a portable temperature sensor that can display the values.So thought of attaching a lcd display to the arduino.But its tougher than said. Interfacing a lcd from scratch can be very painful.I my self spent around a week learning things.Here's a good tutorial for beginners
http://www.lxdinc.com/application_notes/multiplexing_lcds . If u want to know the internal details and architecture of the lcd controller HITACHI HD44780 provides a very sound documentation of the internal working with every details of ROM,CGROM etc given.
    U can get the datasheet here https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/LCD/HD44780.pdf .
Now this provides the internal working. A  compatible lcd can be brought again from ventor .there are many variants i used JHD 162A.The datasheet is available in the product page.REMEMBER this product does not have the legs soldered to board u have to do it manually(very painful).ADVICE get a pair of bergstrips to attach be careful while soldering.too much heat can burn the chip.

Finally a picture showing temp and humidity:
in this post I discussed about my personal experience and a little technical details.Hope u enjoyed reading it.the links above provide extensive technical details.In the next post i will be discussing about the arduino code till then GOOD BYE.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

          We all sometimes or other have failed in some activities we aspired to do,what ever it may be. Consciously or UN-consciously we tend to accept the failure as our own responsibility or blame other and make ourselves belief that the event HAPPENED.In former case we accept the doer ship which in turn increases our responsibility and u tend to belief what is happening to u is by CHOICE.
             The other way round is u belief every thing is happening and u are a passive watcher then u tend to accept events as CHANCE.Well situation also play a big role.Suppose u ended up getting low score in semester and the reason was u cheated from a guy who knew nothing.Well here in this case the guy is responsible but u too are.So what should we do?? take responsibility or sit and watch let so called FATE take over.Now if u choose HAPPENING then u ought to lethargic.
            Years ago i was reading a book by Robin Sharma  and came across a principle known as FEEL GOOD PRINCIPLE.It states that what ever action we do is a consequence of this principle.Too simple we do things to be happy....it may be anything from bunking classes , playing ,eating ,dancing we do it because we feel good.RIGHT? then what should be the right way to consider events .I have a way ,don't know if its correct(based on this principle) .
            So,if u are thinking of PAST events then think of at as HAPPENING
and CHANCE.This is because when u accept it as happening u don't take any doer ship and by that wrong or correct u will never repent and be happy.Next for PRESENT events choose DOING because choosing HAPPENING may make u lazy dumb.u may end u saying why should i prepare for exams things are happening automatically.Next let future be a mix of both.
           The wise sees doing in happening,happening in doing.Are u confused?if yes then know confusion is inevitable in path of knowledge.Let confusion and doubt be there its a part,else if no then great go ahead apply these principle.Belief in doing and be happy. 

Friday, 8 August 2014


I started taking my first photos with canon A590 IS.It was one of the very cool cameras u get back in 2010. My family brought it as we were up for a trip to Allahabad and the old camera has fortunately stopped working. As usual i am very interested to know new tech things and this was a great chance.
I tinkered with all possible settings manual mode,aperture,shutter speed,ISO,exposure etc etc and ended up completing the D-SLR canon manual.But still in field of photography practice is everything.
I shot almost 2000 pics in 1 week.Then almost i was an expert to handle all situation photographs.

these 2 photos were taken in Allahabad sangam ie.
i managed to get these pics somehow even after getting a dip in triveni sangam. After spending 3 awesome days at Allahabad,it was time for Varanasi.
i enjoyed a lot.back home i was tensed as my results for class 10 was to out in a weeks time.